SEW Ltd. Goldsmith/Silversmith

Your Commission - from start to perfect finish

So many of us have dreamt of it: something from our own imagination, unique in significance to us, that will last for ever and be handed down to our children and beyond, as a precious, unique heirloom.

And yet so few of us see it become reality. Why?

Well, some people imagine it will cost the earth, others that their wishes are too complex or individual to realise. Others are nervous about approaching a professional craftsman with their ideas.

None of these need be the case.

With SEW the process of creating your dream commission is simple:

  1. Call us to discuss your idea. Many people have a picture, for example a piece of gold or silverware, a wedding ring or tiara, that they would like to use as a starting point. If not, don’t worry, we have years of experience in reading minds and interpreting dreams.

  2. We’ll give you a quote for creating your piece(s), completely free and non-binding.

  3. If you decide to go ahead, we will consult with you through every stage of drawing, designing, and crafting your bespoke Jewellery or gold/silverware.

You needn’t be Royalty or rich to see a little bit of your most cherished dreams become reality. If you’ve always dreamt of it, SEW Ltd can make it real in gold and/or silver.